OTHELLO - commander of elite forces, an American of Arab descent, a man in his prime, a soldier to the core, and a devout Muslim.
DESDEMONA - a beautiful blond Harvard graduate, Othello's new bride.
IAGO - Othello's aide-de-camp, a brightly talented Machiavellian and pragmatist who feels under-appreciated and has decided to fix that. The audience's guide throughout the convoluted storyline.
EMILIA - his wife, a little simple, nevertheless as her only "experienced" girlfriend, she compelled to help the desperate Desdemona get her bearings in her relationship with Othello.
MICHAEL CASSIO - deputy commander, the type of captain of some university football team. Elegant, charming, sexy. Michael is the embodiment of honest. But wits are not his strongest suit.
BAHIYA - his lover, an Arab pop star. She loves Cassio with all her heart. Also because it is a chance for her to break free from the Arab world.


CHIEF - or rather a chief cut out of the mold of Condoleezza Rice, but with an unexpected sense of humor.
ROGER – full name Roger Stewart Hamilton VI, appropriately degenerate heir to a financial empire. He bankrolls the entire mission, so outwardly everybody treats him with respect. But they all have their own opinion of him inside.
SENATOR BRADY - father of Desdemona. He's itching to be President of the USA. He needs money for the upcoming campaign. And not a Muslim in the family. He would "sell" her to Rodger at the drop of a hat.
CARDINAL LODOVICO - ambassador of the Vatican. Indeed, even eternal lamps in St. Peter's Basilica burn through oil. And oil deposits are just what Othello's elite military forces are to secure.
BORIS PETROV - representative of a Russian petrochemical oligarch. What else but a mobster…
SHEIKH ABDUL ASI - oil magnate. The elite forces are to win back his oil fields.
MUHANNID - captain of the united Arab forces, commander of the Citadel. But only until Othello arrives with his men. He has a hard time dealing with being subordinate.