After a month-long rehearsal marathon, the premieres of IAGO were held on September 16 and 17 at the New Scene Theater in Bratislava, both of which exceeded all expectations and featured both casts. IAGO was welcomed with warm enthusiasm, and Saturday’s standing ovations lasted over 12 minutes! All those attending both premieres agree that both casts are so good and so original that you will simply have to go the theater to see IAGA at least twice. Viewers and actors alike appreciated the added benefit of the live band, for which they reopened the orchestra pit after a long hiatus.

The musical IAGO ultimately premieres on September 16th and 17th in the theater Nová scéna Bratislava. Michal Kovalčík has taken up the task of translating it into Slovak.
Casting took place at Nová scéna in January 2016. Janek Ledecký and Robert Johanson, who came to Bratislava, were genuinely enthused at the sophistication of the participants vying for roles. After the casting finished Robert declared: "After working with Janek in presentations of Hamlet in Kalich Theater and on Broadway, I have gotten used to the professional level of the artists taking part in our productions in Prague. But the standard we witnessed today in Bratislava literally shocked both Janek and me in the best sense of the word.” Leading roles will be played by such talents as Martin Kaprálik, Mirka Partlová, Lukáš Adamec, Karolína Gudasová, Patrik Vyskočil, Dominika Richterová and others.
Musical accompaniment rehearsals are scheduled for May and June, followed by a serious rehearsal marathon throughout August, culminating in premieres on September 16th and 17th.
IAGO's Prague premiere is slated for the autumn of 2017. Of course it will be presented in Czech, and will feature a cast that the artists are keeping secret for now.